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Perma-loc Hose x Layflat

Perma-loc Hose x Layflat

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Perma-Loc Tubing x Barbed Tubing Takeoff Adapter

This Perma-loc fitting is designed to connect poly tubing of corresponding size to Layflat tubing.   You will need to use item# 1791 to punch the correct size hole into the Layflat tubing.  Please see the chart below to size the poly tubing to the correct size fitting.

Perma-Loc Size Acceptable Inside Tubing Diameter Acceptable Wall Thickness
3/8 inch .510 to .580 inches .035 to .055 inches
1/2 inch .590 to .630 inches .025 to .050 inches
3/4 inch 0.790 to 0.845 inches 0.045 to 0.065 inches
1 inch 1.025 to 1.085 inches 0.045 to 0.065 inches
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