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PC Emitter with On/Off Tubing Weights

PC Emitter with On/Off Tubing Weights

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PC emitters with CNL feature and On/Off tubing weights are great for hanging baskets. The weighted drop keeps the drip in line with the basket and the easy twist on/off is great for precise control of your watering. Applications include greenhouses and nurseries. You can also lay the On/Off weighted end into your pots on the ground. Keep in mind the rise in elevation from lateral line to the pot should be minimal for best performance. 

To close the emitter hold the tubing and twist the weighted end clockwise until closed and to open twist weighted end counter clockwise.

The CNL (Check Non Leak) means precise watering as all drippers start and stop at the same time, opening at approximately 11 PSI and closing at 4 PSI.

*Please Note: New images coming soon! Manufacturer has updated this product with a more compact emitter design.

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