Paige 18 AWG / 9 Wire

Paige 18 AWG / 9 Wire

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Underground Low Energy Circuit Cable is used for connecting 24 volt irrigation controllers with solenoid valves for your irrigation system. Can also be used in other direct bury applications. Wire cable meets ASTM B-3 standards with multiple conductors of solid copper, insulated with .015" of 80°C/176°F color coded PVC insulation inside a .025" extruded PE jacket with a nylon rip cord.

Recommended installation should incorporate enough wires to accommodate all the valves it is designed to control, plus some spares for future expansion along with one common wire. For example, if the cable will activate 6 valves, then the number of wires needed is: 6 hot + 1 common + 2 spares = 9 wires.


  • Suitable for direct burial
  • Rated 30 volts
  • Outer Jacket is UV and sunlight resistant
  • Identification markings imprinted on outer cable jacket approximately every two feet

Please Note:

Wire splices are the weak link of any electrical circuit. It is especially important to make proper joints in irrigation or landscape lighting systems, whether direct burial or valve box installation, because the joints are exposed to wet and damp environments that can cause corrosion of the copper conductor, premature failure, and risk of fires.

Paige Electric recommends the strict use of Model DBR/Y-6, as manufactured by the 3M Company or Silicone-filled wire nuts as manufactured by IDEAL Industries. (See accessories noted below)

Visit Paige Electric Conduit Calculator for proper conduit sizing requirements, if needed.

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