P1 Ultra 5/8\" drip tape

P1 Ultra 5/8" drip tape

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P1 drip line utilizes innovative technology that offers the following benefits to the grower. This drip tape is great for better coverage of longer runs. When you water slower and longer, you also water deeper. Works with T-Tape, Aqua Traxx and Chapin Drip Tape Systems. If you are a first time user to drip tape, we recommend that you start with our 15 mil tape.
  • P1 drip tape has no seams for more reliability and uniform installation.
  • P1 drip tape is manufactured using injection molded drippers for a high degree of plugging resistance and uniform water distribution over long runs.
  • P1 drip tape is used in both above ground and subsurface installations with equal success.
  • The low profile drippers welded on the inside wall keeps friction loss to a minimum.
  • Each dripper has an integrated inlet filter to prevent clogging.
  • The turbulent flow path design is effective against clogging even at low pressures.
  • All P1 is resistant to UV rays and mechanical stress.
  • Drip Emitter CV's are 2.5% or less.
  • Ideal for use in any applications where the row is straight.
  • Drip tape is not well-suited for curves or bends.
  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • Recommended working pressure 10 PSI.
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