Octa-Bubbler 8 Outlet Drip Irrigation Manifold by Jain

Octa-Bubbler 8 Outlet Drip Irrigation Manifold by Jain

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The highly sought after Octa-Bubbler is manufactured to be UV & sunlight resistant and chemical resistant with a non corrosive plastic material for stable performance. The Octa-Bubbler has eight self cleaning, pressure compensating ports. The flow rate listed is the flow rate of each port. For example, the Blue unit is a 2 GPH unit, this means that each of the 8 ports will deliver 2 GPH. Each port has a 1/4" barb that swivels 180 degrees to provide flexibility of positioning the extension tubing in any direction.

Precision molded liquid silicone rubber diaphragm ensures pressure compensation, uniform water application and long lasting high quality performance. Ideal for converting sprinkler systems to low flow, because it is designed to apply the amount of water the plants need during the time the sprinkler zone operates.


  • Wide pressure compensating range of 21.33 to 56.88 psi
  • Coefficient of manufacturing variance less than 7%.
  • Available in four color coded models. Flow is per outlet: - Blue - 2 gph,  Black - 6 gph,  Red - 10 gph, Green - 20 gph
  • Flow control devices can be interchanged in a single unit to facilitate variable flow rates in one Octa-Bubbler
  • Built-in back flow prevention device engineered for added protection
  • Can be installed above or below grade
  • Comes with 1/2” FPT inlet
  • Can be used with .170 ID x .250 OD micro tubing and/or micro dripline tubing for water distribution


Designed for converting unwanted sprinkler risers to low flow irrigation.  Can be used to irrigate where lateral requires to run for longer length and irrigation time is a limitation e.g. landscaping of road dividers, shrub island between turfs and lawns, trees, flowers and ground cover planting beds.

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