Netafim Pressure Reducing Valve w/3-Way Pilot & Solenoid

Netafim Pressure Reducing Valve w/3-Way Pilot & Solenoid

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Netafim 3-Way Series 80 Nylon Control Valves include the solenoid and three pilots mounted directly on the valve bonnet. This pressure reducing electric model provides pressure regulation of your irrigation zone at the valve. The clog free labyrinth inlet allows the Series 80 globe valves to be used in dirty water applications. With quick reaction to opening and closing and a drip-tight seal, the series 80 valve is perfect for precision irrigation. Easy reach flow control knob allows manual operation from fully closed to fully open even inside a valve box.


  • Fully supported diaphragm
  • 24V AC Solenoid
  • Integrated check valve ensures valve remains closed until the controller designates opening
  • Vertical or horizontal installation possible
  • Durable Construction for long life
    • Body, Bonnet, Diaphragm Seat: Glass Reinforced Polyamide (GRP)
    • Nuts, Bolts, Washers: Stainless Steel 304
    • Spring: Stainless Steel AISI 302
  • Operating Pressure Range:
    • Yellow Pilot Spring: 7-30 PSI
    • Green Pilot Spring: 14-65 PSI

Applications include greenhouse and nursery, including hydroponic and mist systems, as well as standard irrigation systems where you want precision watering.

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