Netafim Manual Disc Filter

Netafim Manual Disc Filter

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The Plastic Manual Disc Filter from Netafim provides reliable service for smaller systems needing a disc style element. Easy to use in residential applications but also durable enough for commercial or municipal applications also. Filter body and cover are constructed of reinforced polyamide to withstand harsh conditions. Male pipe thread inlet / outlet connections for easy installation either vertically or horizontally. Please note the flow directional arrow for proper installation. 

Disc Filtering Process: Grooves in the disc rings criss-cross to form a network that traps debris between and on the outside of the discs. As dirty water is pumped into the filter, and pressure increases, the water compresses the disc rings together tightly. The water is then forced to flow through the grooves of the disc rings, where debris is trapped, releasing only clean water to the irrigation system. 

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