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Netafim DripNet PC 636 Series -  w/Anti-Siphon

Netafim DripNet PC 636 Series - w/Anti-Siphon

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DripNet PC™ with Anti-Siphon feature will deliver precise flow from each emitter in every application. The anti-siphon option will seal the emitter at shutdown keeping debris from entering in which reduces clogging issues. It is a true pressure compensating drip tape over a wide range of pressures. DripNet PC™ 15 mil drip tape is great for several seasons and sub-surface applications, while the 25 mil drip tape is durable enough for retrieval and reuse over several seasons. Great in subsurface or surface application. With a variety of emitter spacing and flow rates available, DripNet PC™ drip tape is a great choice for precision watering!


  • Inside diameter of 0.636" (5/8")
  • Wide operating pressure range of 6 - 36 PSI
  • Precision watering over longer runs, up to a quarter mile
  • Great uniformity over undulating terrain
  • TurboNet Technology improves emitter performance
  • Recommended Filtration: 120 Mesh
  • Anti-Siphon mechanism prevents debris from entering into the emitter at shutdown
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