Munro SmartBox for Reduced Incoming Amperage

Munro SmartBox for Reduced Incoming Amperage

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Some of the newer technology in the irrigation controller industry uses lower amperage so this Munro SmartBox for Reduced Incoming Amperage is just what you need.  Compatible with 2-wire decoder systems as well. Includes the preset pressure sensor that will alert the control system of loss of prime or run dry situations.  SmartBox is line voltage specific so please match with pump voltage requirements.

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  • Accepts a low amperage start/stop signal
  • Includes preset pressure sensor and temperature sensor for run-dry or deadhead protection
  • 40 Amp Coil volt specific 110V or 220V
  • Compatible with any brand 24V controllers providing less than .35 amp signal
  • UL-50 Type 3R listed for indoor or outdoor use

*Please Note: Some models are made-to-order so may require a longer lead time for shipping.

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