MixRite TF-5 Series Fertilizer Injector

MixRite TF-5 Series Fertilizer Injector

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MixRite TF-5 Series Fertilizer Injector

Mixrites are positive displacement water driven injectors. No electricity needed. There is constant concentration of additive no matter what pressure and flow, the solution is added in proportion to the water flow for accuracy. The TF models have adjustable injection rates. 

TF-5 is a low to medium flow unit used for fertilizers, pesticides and other additives for farming and irrigation. Not intended for strong acids and alkalis or solvents. Flow rates of .88 - 22 GPM.  The TF-5 has 1” MPT inlet/outlet connections. 

Higher flow rates, less friction loss and longer life than comparable models.


  • Chemically resistant nylon reinforce fiberglass body on all models
  • Stainless steel springs for durability
  • Easily replaceable wear parts
  • Higher operating range from 14.7 PSI to 120 PSI
  • Hose barbs with swivel for easy installation
  • Models available with Injection rates from 0.1% to 5%
  • Flow rate from .88 – 22 GPM depending on model
  • Includes pick-up/suction tubing with foot valve strainer 

Note: Model TF5.001 ON/OFF is for Chlorine and PAA

Model No. Induction Rates Chemical Shut-Off
TF5-001 ON/OFF .1% to 1% Yes
TF5-002 ON/OFF .2% to 2% Yes
TF5-005 ON/OFF 1% to 5% Yes


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