K-Rain Variable Arc Nozzles

K-Rain Variable Arc Nozzles

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K-Rain's High Efficiency KVF nozzles bring complete flexibility to contractors working with sprays in a variety of terrains. The fully adjustable, female threaded nozzles fit the K-Rain Pro-S series and the NP spray bodies, as well as any other male threaded spray body on the market.

Easy Arc Adjustment - No tools required!

Increase the versatility of any Spray Body accepting a Female Threaded Nozzle with K-Rain's precisely engineered KVF Series Nozzles.

K-Rain KVF Nozzles can be easily set (no tools required) at any angle from 0 to 360 degrees, allowing sprinklers to be fine-tuned to exactly the precise pattern needed.  

Color coded for easy identification during installation and maintenance, KVF Nozzles are perfect for a-typical, hard-to-handle landscape shapes and walkways or irregularly shaped planter beds.

Available in 8', 10', 12', 15', and 17' configurations.


Color Coded for ease of identification

8' to 17' Radius

Extra long fine-screen filter for maximum time between cleanings


8' to 17' radius

0.4 to 4.10 GPM

Superior spray pattern at 20 to 40 system PSI

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