K-Rain Specialty Rotary Nozzle

K-Rain Specialty Rotary Nozzle

Product Description

K-Rain's revolutionary multi-stream technology will maximize your sprinkler system's efficiency while beautifying your lawn and landscape.

Multi-trajectory rotating streams provide superior uniformity.  Automatic matched precipitation even after arc & radius adjustment. Low application rate (4/10 inch per hour) reduces runoff on slopes & tight soils. Easy arc adjustment - Easy radius adjustment - up to 25%. Viscous dampened to ensure consistent application speed. Double-Pop to prevent dirt intrusion upon retraction. Easy adjustment, wet or dry, with our unique tool. Removable inlet filter for easy cleaning.



  • Durable Design - Molded with high-impact engineered resin another high quality plastics for long life.
  • Superior Uniformity - Multi-stream technology provides outstanding coverage eliminating brown spots.
  • Match Precipitation - Low precipitation rate is proportionate even after arc and radius adjustment.
  • Water-smart Technology - Reduce water usage up to 30% without sacrificing turf quality.
  • Double pop-up Design - Delivers additional protection from dirt/particulate intrusion and harsh conditions.
  • Simple to Adjust - Easiest adjustment in the industry.
  • Color-Coded - Easily identify 6 standard nozzles and 3 specialty nozzles in the field.
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