K-Rain Rain Sensor

K-Rain Rain Sensor

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R 200 Rain  Sensor. Automatically shut off your irrigation system during rain or wet conditions with R 200 Rain Sensor. Moisture sensing works in a variety of climates.

The R 200 Rain Sensor is compatible with all K-Rain Single and Multi Station Irrigation System Controllers.

Many water authorities offer rebates that will cover the cost of a rain sensor install.  Click below to learn about rebates in your area.


  • Prevents automatic watering when raining or during wet conditions
  • Compatible with all K-Rain Irrigation System Controllers
  • Provides conservation, convenience, and flexibility in your fully automatic watering system



The R 200 Sensor includes 2 mounting options

1. Rain Gutter

2. Flat Surface


The R 200 Sensor is sold and designed for 24-VAC irrigation controllers only. 

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