K-Rain Pro S Spray Bodies

K-Rain Pro S Spray Bodies

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Pro-S Series Sprays

K-Rain introduces the new Pro-S, a rugged, contractor friendly spray line.

Molded in High-Impact ABS, the durable Pro-S Series Spray is a low-flush model, making it ideal for low-flow, low pressure situations.  Add optional Pressure-Regulation for a water efficient solution to your watering needs.  

Available in 4” and 6”pop-up heights, the Pro-S Spray is designed to be compatible with all standard female threaded nozzles and is a direct replacement for Rainbird 1800 series sprays.  The Pro-S Riser assembly drops right in an existing Rainbird 1800 series can!

Save water with our pre-installed pressure regulation.  


  • Co-Molded Wiper Seal-Ensures a leak-free, full pop up operation, even under low pressure situations.  Cartridge design allows for easy removal and cleaning. 
  • Treated with UV inhibitors for long life.  Seal is microbe resistant to reduce degradation and stick-ups.
  • Accepts Female Threaded Nozzles.
  • Ratcheting Riser-Permits quick, easy alignment of spray pattern.
  • Heavy-Duty Retraction Spring-Strongest spring in the industry for positive retraction in all soil conditions.
  • Side and Bottom inlets on 6” and 12” models.
  • Pre-Installed flush cap.
  • Optional In-Stem Pressure Regulator available for 4”, 6” and 12” models.


  • Pressure rating – 20 to 70 PSI
  • Flow by – 0 at 8 PSI (0.6 bar) or greater; 0.10 GPM otherwise
  • Precipitation rate - .4 to 4 in/hr
  • Inlet – ½” NPT Female Thread

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