Jain PC 5/8\" Turbo Tape

Jain PC 5/8" Turbo Tape

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Product Description

Features and Specifications:

  • The new & innovative pressure-compensated, non-drainage drip tape is based on the cascade labyrinth.
  • Cascade labyrinth gives strong, self-cleaning turbulence.
  • Non-drainage and anti-vacuum design.
  • Aerodynamic dripper design ensures continuous flushing of sediments and small dirt particles.
  • Weir structure protects against root intrusion and sand suction.
  • Side water inlet structure to improve clog resistance.
  • Low CVM for maximal uniformity results.
  • High quality diaphragm.
  • Flow rates: 1.0 & 1.6 l/h.
  • Pressure regulating range - PC model - 0.4-2.5kg/cm² (8-15 psi)
  • Recommended filtration level - 130 micron or 150 mess.


  • All purpose versatile product.
  • Pulse irrigation for greenhouse, vegetables and orchards.
  • Suitable for surface as well as subsurface applications.
  • Large fields with long rows (reduced filling time).