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Jain ClickTIF PC/CNL Dripper with Taper

Jain ClickTIF PC/CNL Dripper with Taper

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The new Jain Click-TIF Heavy Duty button dripper with tapered outlet is perfect for nursery and greenhouse application as well as vineyards, orchard and landscapes. The CNL (closed non leak) feature prevents drainage in low places after shutdown which keeps lines full allowing simultaneous start-up and more uniform watering. Also makes it the best choice for pulse irrigation. This emitter opens at approximately 11.4 PSI and closes at 4.3 PSI. The durable, chemical resistant construction holds up to any fertigation application. The cross shaped inlet helps reduce clogging by blocking debris from entering the emitter. The large water passage and turbulent flow design allows continual clearing and flushing of debris to further prevent clogging. 


  • Nominal Compensating Pressure Range: 7 - 60 PSI
  • Maximum Recommended Operating Pressure: 40 PSI
  • Minimum Filtration Recommended: 150 Mesh
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • 1/4" barbed inlet
  • Tapered outlet is compatible with 2- & 4-way dripper manifolds
  • Self-flushing and cleaning
Please Note: The CNL (closed no leak or check non leak) feature means the dripper will open at a specific pressure once the line fills with water and then close at a specific pressure when the system shuts down. This design is not recommended in a low pressure gravity feed drip system. There is not sufficient consistent pressure to operate properly.
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