Irritrol Rain Dial- R Series Controller

Irritrol Rain Dial- R Series Controller

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Irritrol Rain Dial- R Series Controller

The Outdoor Rain Dial R’s unique modular design makes programming, installation and servicing fast and easy. With Seven day calendar or "skip days" interval options from one to 15 days this controller is ideal for small agriculture, commercial and industrial applications. The modular design allows easy removal of control modules without disturbing valve wiring.

In addition to the numerous upgrades built in to this popular controller, pairing it with the optional CLIMATE LOGIC® Wireless Weather Sensing System makes water management a breeze. When using with Climate Logic the RainDial-R will automatically adjust the watering schedule according to the weather. This helps maintain a healthier landscape and reduces water consumption and cost.


  • Remote CONTROL ready compatible with CRR (Contractor Residential Remote) remote series
  • Sensor bypass switch and terminal for sensor hookup  
  • Three independent programs allow flexibility to meet the needs of a wide variety of plant material on the landscape site.
  • Any day of the week, skip days or odd/even dates - Skip days and odd/even dates have day exclusion option.
  • Water Budgeting for quick changes to the watering durations of all stations on a program at one time or pre-set a change in water budget for each month.
  • Meets the odd/even date watering mandates often used for landscape water reductions
  • Water well recovery delay option of pump circuit ON or OFF
  • Master Valve/Pump Start circuit Assignable allowing stations requiring a booster pump to be supplied while other stations can run on street water pressure
  • Test All Stations program allows a quick test of all stations from lowest to highest number
  • Clear/erase memory function saves time by quickly erasing only the program desired
  • Program stack or overlap function allows three programs/stations on at once or restricts operations to no overlapping station runs

Operating Specifications:

  • Station run times: 1-59 minutes in 1-minute increments or 1-5.9 hours in .1-hour (6 minute) increments
  • Start times: 3 per program per day for 9 starts total
  • Watering schedules per program
  •           - Any day of the week

              - Skip days from 1 to 31 days between irrigation days

              - Odd or even date watering

Electrical Specifications:

  • Transformer input: 120V ac, 60Hz (220/240V ac, 50Hz available internationally)
  • Transformer output: 24V ac, 1.25 amps
  • Maximum output per station: 24V ac, .5 amps
  • Maximum output to valves: 24V ac, 1.0 amps (including master valve/pump start circuit)
  • Battery backup for programming and keeping current time and date: 9-volt alkaline (not included)
  • UL and CSA listed


  • Outdoor: H: 7 ¾”, W: 10 ¾”, D: 4”
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