Irritec T-Filter -Large Cartridge with Stainless Steel Clamp

Irritec T-Filter -Large Cartridge with Stainless Steel Clamp

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T-Filter - Large Cartridge and Stainless Steel Clamp

When surface area matters, this filter will do the job. This filter comes with the attachment points to mount pressure gauges for easy and accurate monitoring of inlet and outlet flows. This filter will work in low flow systems with only 3 PSI of pressure loss. Made of chemical resistant polyamide, reinforced with fiberglass for long lasting durability. Can be installed in-line or angled for easy cleaning access. 


  • Filtration Element: Polypropylene Disc or Stainless Steel Screen
  • Filtration Grades: 75, 120, 155 mesh
  • Recommended Pressure:  Disc - 120 PSI; Screen 85 PSI
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