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Irritec iDrop Pressure Compensating Dripper

Irritec iDrop Pressure Compensating Dripper

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When precision water distribution is required over long distances and uneven or sloping terrain, Irritec's iDrop PCDS (pressure compensating with drop-stop) emitter with CNL feature is what you need. This feature means no drips when the system shuts down. The emitter opens when the system pressure reaches 5.7 PSI, then closes when system pressure drops to 4.3 PSI as shutting down. The fully pressure compensating emitter provides consistent flow over a wide range of pressures. (See detailed specifications linked above on our website.) Available in a variety of flow rates to meet all your needs. Emitter has barbed inlet for inserting into 1/4" (.170" ID x .250" OD) micro tubing or directly into the sidewall of 1/2" or larger poly tubing.


  • CNL Feature Prevents Refill and Siphoning (Opens at 5.7 PSI, Closes at 4.3 PSI)
  • Large Turbulent Flow Path means superior clog resistance
  • Durable, compact design with silicone diaphragm for long life
  • Color coded for easy flow rate identification
  • Low CV’s of 2.5% or Less
Please Note: The CNL (closed no leak or check non leak) feature means the dripper will open at a specific pressure once the line fills with water and then close at a specific pressure when the system shuts down. This design is not recommended in a low pressure gravity feed drip system. There is not sufficient consistent pressure to operate properly.
Product Specifications
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