Hydro-Rain by Orbit Specialty Nozzles

Hydro-Rain by Orbit Specialty Nozzles

Product Description

Hydro-Rain’s HRN 100 Series Specialty Sprinkler Nozzles are the industry’s high tolerance, high precision, fixed arc nozzle.

Product Highlights:

  • Captured adjustment screw for radius adjustment
  • Grey .02 x .02 mesh filter screen
  • No special tools required
  • Compatible with all Hydro-Rain, Rain Bird and Hunter spray heads and nozzles
  • Pressure: 15 to 30 PSI
  • Optimum Pressure: 30 PSI

Hydro-Rain is the commercial division of Orbit so when you purchase a Hydro-Rain product, you will get all of the same reliability and product confidence you have come to expect from Orbit.

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