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Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock x PVC-Lock Adapter

Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock x PVC-Lock Adapter

Product Description

HydroRain Push-n-Go technology is still the fastest, greenest installation method available in the irrigation industry. The Blu-Lock to PVC-Lock adapters allow you to connect Blu-Lock system directly to your old PVC system without the need for chemicals or digging up and tearing out anything. These are so easy to use, PVC pipe connects to the 'white' side and Blu-Lock tubing connects to the 'blue' side. 

See our Blu-Lock and PVC-Lock article for help understanding these two items. For additional help with sizing PVC see our PVC Buying Guide.  

Hydro-Rain offers a quicker and better way for sprinkler installation. Everything you do from the valve out is faster and easier with Blu-Lock 3X. With the Blu-Lock system you don't need primer, glue or clamps. Blu-Lock by Hydro-Rain is the fastest, greenest, irrigation installation method in the world!


  • For non-constant pressure valve-out outdoor irrigation connections only
  • Made from UV-resistant ABS, stainless steel and EPDM seals, designed and tested to ensure toughness
  • Patented Retaining System uses stainless steel teeth to grip pipe tight for a strong, leak-proof connection
  • 3/4" and 1" fittings are releasable and reusable with the Blu-Lock® release tool or collar
  • Patented Quick-Release Collar on all 1/2" swing fittings features a quick-release mechanism that allows tool-free removal
  • Outside Diameter (OD) Technology provides unimpeded flow, reducing pressure loss


  • Blu-Lock® 1/2" Swing Pipe Fittings
    • Max working pressure: 80 PSI at 72°F
    • Burst Pressure: Exceeds 220 PSI
    • Working Pressure: 10-80 PSI
  • Blu-Lock® ¾” Lateral Pipe Fittings:
    • Max working pressure: 125 PSI  at 72°F
    • Burst Pressure: Exceeds 250 PSI
    • Working Pressure: 10-125 PSI
  • Blu-Lock® 1” Lateral Pipe Fittings:
    • Max Working Pressure: 150 PSI at 72°F
    • Burst Pressure: Exceeds 350 PSI
    • Working Pressure: 10-150 PSI
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