Hunter 800SR Series MP Rotator

Hunter 800SR Series MP Rotator

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The MP800SR ROTATOR®  allows for watering small spaces more efficiently. The SR series have the same benefits of multi-stream multi-trajectory (MSMT) technology in smaller 6' - 12' areas. Still providing wind-resistant streams, high distribution uniformity, double-pop nozzle protection, and resistance to dirt and debris.

The MP800SR Series, with it's low application rate of 0.8 in/hr, less than half that of traditional spray nozzles, allows water savings even in tight spaces.


  • Coverage area from 6' to 12’
  • Color-coded for easy identification
  • Removable filter screen prevents clogging
  • Lower precipitation rate yields higher efficiency
  • Wind-resistant multi-stream technology
  • Adjustable arc and radius

Operating Specifications:

  • Recommended operating pressure: 40 PSI
  • For spaces less than 8 ft., 30 PSI operating pressure is necessary
  • MP800SR-90 uses a 60 mesh built-in nozzle filter
  • MP800SR-360 uses a 40 mesh built-in nozzle filter
  • Recommended: Use 150 mesh pre-filter arrangement with dirty water


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