HRX 075 Adjustable Rotor w/8 Nozzles

HRX 075 Adjustable Rotor w/8 Nozzles

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Product Description

Hydro-Rain HRX-075 has a radius of 22' to 52' and comes with 8 nozzles.

The HRX 075 is Hydro-Rain’s top performing rotary sprinkler for lawn and garden areas. Through its broad selection of precision nozzles, the HRX provides industry-leading distribution uniformity for any landscape. Putting water just where you need it - that’s the engineering development mission behind the manufacturing of Hydro-Rain’s HRX Series Rotors.

Features and Benefits:

  • Uniform Coverage—Unprecedented matched precipitation and radius across all nozzles #1 through #4 and low angle series nozzles.
  • Easy-to-Match Precipitation Nozzle System—To achieve best matched precipitation use Nozzle #1 for 90° patterns, #2 for 180° pattern, #3 for 270°, and #4 for 360° arc adjustment.
  • Rubber Cover—Keeps the dirt out of adjustment components.
  • Lubricated Gear Assembly— For years of reliable use.
  • Precision Reversing Mechanism— Provides years of smooth non-delayed forward and reverse rotation.
  • Adjustable—Key adjusts arc from 40 to 360 degrees, and radius can be reduced up to 25 percent.

Operation Specs:

  • Radius: 22' to 52’ (6.7 to 15.9 m)
  • Radius may be reduced up to 25% with radius reduction screw
  • Pressure 30-70 psi (2.1 to 4.8 Bars: 206 to 482 kPa)
  • Flow rate: 0.3 to 9.6 GPM
Product Specifications
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