HRA Series -  Anti- Siphon Valves

HRA Series - Anti- Siphon Valves

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Product Description
 HRA Series with Anti-Siphon Valve are Hydo-Rain’s all-in-one valve. Anti-siphon valves keep your drinking water free from contaminants by restricting backflow. The HRA Series ASV is a tough but easy to use valve you can depend on for protecting your water source. The rugged design and construction includes a glass filled polypropylene lid for withstanding the harsh heat of the sun. The HRA with anti-siphon valve meets ASSE, CSA and IAPMO standards.


  • Automatic valve—For convenience and water savings use with 24-volt irrigation controllers
  • Anti-siphon design—anti-siphon vacuum breaker design keeps water downstream of the valve from siphoning back into the water source 
  • Double seal TPR diaphragm ensures years of reliable performance
  • Stainless steel metering system—ensures continual cleaning action every time the valve turns on or off
  • Commercial grade construction—Glass-filled nylon jar-lid and PVC body for long life and heavy-duty performance
  • Buna-N valve seat seal provides positive closure preventing leaks
  • Flow control—Adjust the flow to meet the needs of your system 
  • Manual internal bleed—Allows manual ON/OFF operation
  • HRC 900 Adaptability—Combine HRA 075/100 with HRC 900 isolation controller module and to run 1–4 valves in a remote location
Product Specifications
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