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Hendrickson Bros J10 Hose Vacuum Breaker

Hendrickson Bros J10 Hose Vacuum Breaker

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The Hendrickson Bros. J10 Hose Thread Vacuum Breaker is designed to prevent back siphon through any exterior hose bibb connection. Back siphoning occurs when a negative line pressure (vacuum or partial vacuum) causes the reversal of the normal line flow. The J-10 Hose Bibb Vacuum Breaker is an economical alternative to the higher priced brass options.  By using this unit, the possibility of back siphoning is greatly reduced thus protecting your potable water supply from contaminants that may be present in the hose line or irrigation system.

The Hendrickson J10 meets or exceeds ASSE 1011 and is listed by IAPMO®. Installation to any standard hose faucet is simple and requires only a standard screwdriver with Hendrickson’s unique integral lock screw. 

Please Note: Many municipal codes require the use of anti vandalism protection (set screw) on an outdoor water spigot backflow preventer. The J10 locking screw may qualify when properly installed directly on the outdoor hose bibb. If used on an automatic water timer for your irrigation system we recommend not tightening the screw as the plastic threads on the timer can be permanently damaged if backflow device is removed.


  • High strength glass reinforced Zytel® construction
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Integral lock screw to meet all code requirements.
  • Connections: Inlet - 3/4" FHT; Outlet - 3/4" MHT
  • Operating pressure range of 0-125 PSI

Special Notes: 

During normal operation the backflow preventer may appear to "leak" after the system or timer is turned off. This is normal as the backflow preventer is allowing water to drain from the system without entering the water supply. The amount of water drained will be equal or less than the water capacity of the drip system.  For optimal operation the backflow preventer should be installed higher than the emitters.

This fitting is not designed to be operated under constant pressure. It must be installed after any timers or valves in your system.

Garden Hose Threads (GHT, FHT, MHT) are unique in that they make the water-tight seal with a flexible washer between the two connection pieces. Thread seal tape is not recommended since it can inhibit the full threading together of the pieces, thus not allowing a tight leak-proof seal. GHT are not compatible with NPT or IPT/IPS fittings commonly found in iron pipe or PVC water systems.
Product Specifications
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