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1/2\" Polyethylene Pressure Compensating Drip Line

1/2" Polyethylene Pressure Compensating Drip Line

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This dripline is a 1/2" (.600" ID X .700" OD) black polyethylene, pressure compensating drip line with pre-installed, in-line drip emitters that provide high uniformity and even distribution of water over longer lengths and uneven terrain. May be hung on a wire, laid on the ground or buried, making it an economical choice for vineyards, orchards, and row crops.

As with our blank poly tubing, additional PC emitters and/or 1/4" micro line can be added to this drip line. When adding additional drippers, take care not to exceed the maximum flow rate (200 GPH) for this size tubing.

Very effective method to irrigate crops in difficult topographical conditions, low and varying water pressures and where longer laterals are required. This drip line is compatible with our 1/2" Perma-Loc fittings. 

Do to the tightness the tubing must be rolled it often has a more oval shape when first opening a new roll. There also may be some slight kinking in the center of the roll and where the banding is, this will not hinder the use and performance of the tubing. These issues will smooth out after un-banding and some sun exposure and the ovalness will round out over time or with a few uses (pressurization/depressurization).


  • Built-in filtration prevents particles, which may clog the emitter due to size, from entering emitter
  • Large turbulent flow path allows particles to pass freely
  • Consistent discharge over a pressure range of 12 - 50 PSI
  • CV (coefficient of variation) values less than 5%
  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials: polyethylene body and silicon diaphragm
  • High standards of quality control
  • Non-CNL
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