Galcon 1-Station DC Battery Operated Irrigation and Propagation Controller with Solenoid

Galcon 1-Station DC Battery Operated Irrigation and Propagation Controller with Solenoid

Product Description

The Galcon 61512 DC 1 Station controller. Can be used for propagation and Irrigation. The unit offers reliable battery operated control without the need for an electrical connection. The 61512 DC 1S was designed for isolated sites that have no electrical power supply. The 61512 DC 1S is simple to program and offers a reliable solution. Easy to install the 61512 DC1S mounts to a valve's solenoid with the universal mounting bracket or to a wall surface with the wall mounted plate. Galcon took great care with the construction and waterproof features of the 61512 DC 1S to ensure that the unit can handle the harshest of environments, including installation inside of a valve box. A single 9V battery will provide power throughout the season. In addition to outstanding durability, the 61512 DC 1S features easy-to-program LCD screen. Need to irrigate in seconds? No problem. The programmable duration can be as short as one second with a cycle that starts every minute or as long as every 30 days with the programmable irrigation window, you limit irrigation to the desirable time of day. Need to irrigate in minutes or hours? No problem with the weekly or daily programming and 4 start times per day. Scheduling flexibility and rugged reliability make the 61512 DC 1S a powerful irrigation controller. With the flexibility of battery power. 


  • Operates in Minutes Hours and Seconds
  • Great for Misting, Irrigation and Propagation
  • Great for remote locations
  • Simple programming with four large buttons
  • Irrigation duration from 1 second to 12 hours
  • Up to 4 start times per day
  • Galcon DC, 2 wire valves (sold separately)
  • One 9 volt alkaline (not included)
  • Independent programming for each valve


  • 61512 DC 1 Station Irrigation controller
  • DC Latching Solenoid
  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Owner's Manual
Product Accessories
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