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EZ-Flo High Capacity Quick Fill  Systems

EZ-Flo High Capacity Quick Fill Systems

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The EZKIT is the newest model of the EZ-Flo injectors. This high capacity model offers the same easy operation and long time reliability as the CX models, along with some of the great features previously found only in the high capacity models. The added feature of increased capacity means less time is spent refilling each season or you can cover a larger area. The EZKIT model doubles the water soluble powder capacity of the CX models. As an example the EZKIT-3 will service one acre of turf or two acres of drip when using with the Ferti-Maxx Water Soluble Powders (WSP).

The next great benefit of the new EZKIT is the separate fill port and drain valve. No more trying to remove the cap, unhook everything, and lift the tank out of the valve box... just open the drain valve to let the water out then refill with your choice of fertilizer through the easy fill port.

Available in two size options and includes the 3/4" / 1" EZ-Flo CBV connection!

The EZKIT model is a mainline dispensing unit but is not limited to that. This can be installed before a zone manifold or after a single zone. Be sure your water pressure does not exceed 80 PSI and you protect the unit from sunlight. All fertigation units require backflow protection (not included). Follow your local codes for backflow protection requirements. To see more information on the installation and use of EZ-FLO Injectors visit See our EZ-FLO Buying Guide for assistance with choosing the model that best fits your design.

EZKIT-1 Specs: 

  • 1.75 gallon liquid capacity
  • 17.5 lbs WSP capacity
  • Unit Dimensions: 14" x 10" x 11"
  • Valve Box Size: 20" x 16" x 12"
  • Unit Weight (empty): 11 lbs
  • Coverage Area: 17,000 sq ft

EZKIT-3 Specs:  

  • 2.5 gallon liquid capacity
  • 25 lbs WSP capacity
  • Unit Dimensions: 22" x 10" x 11"
  • Valve Box Size: 30" x 18" x 17"
  • Unit Weight (empty):  13 lbs
  • Coverage Area: 25,000 sq ft

See our full selection of EZ-Flo's Ferti-Maxx fertilizers, supplements, and enhancers in our Fertilizer category. For repair or replacement parts for your EZ-FLO system click here.

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