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EZ-Flo Ferti-Maxx Sugar

EZ-Flo Ferti-Maxx Sugar

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Ferti-Maxx Organic Based Sugar is a 3-1-2 blend plus 1% Magnesium by EZ-Flo. Easy to incorporate into almost all fertilizing programs. Designed as a low growth product for landscape health and development, Ferti-Maxx Sugar was developed for all plant types and can be used in any fertigation system or as a foliar application. Compatible with all Ferti-Maxx fertility products, most other fertilizers, and many agricultural chemicals. EZ-Flo recommends conducting a jar test for compatibility with other substances and testing a small area with any experimental blends to determine potential phytotoxicity before making general applications. Can be effectively used in cool, warm, and hot weather. For best results, mix with ROOT-MAXX. Available in a 2.5 gallon jug.

*Please Note: Although this is an organic based product, it is not certified for use in organic food production.

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