DIG 12\" Pop-Up Spray Jet

DIG 12" Pop-Up Spray Jet

Product Description

12” Pop-Up Micro Spray Jet

The DIG 12” Pop-Up Riser with spray jet includes 24” micro tubing with ¼” barb and is available in choice of 90º, 180º, or a 360º threaded micro-sprayer head for use above a flowerbed or any low landscape planting. The assembly's shaft rises up 9 - 10 inches above the ground when system is turned on and pressurized. Main assembly body should be placed below grade sopop-up retracts when not in use to provide a clean, aesthetic look. 

Use these pop-up micro sprayers for groundcover, flowerbeds and shrubs or where conventional sprinkler systems or drip irrigation would not be practical and the drip tubing needs to be covered.


  • Unique design incorporates a pressure activated, low friction, upper stem seal
  • Second stage piston seal ensures sealing
  • Can be used with all sizes of polyethylene tubing using the ¼" barbed elbow option
  • Three color-coded spray nozzles for easy identification
  • Filter requirement: minimum of 150 mesh


  • Flow Rate: .15 - .63 GPM
  • Operating Pressure: 15 - 30 PSI
  • Up to 5’ wetting diameter
  • Precipitation Rate: .30-1.26 inch/h


  • Semi-rigid polypropylene body and piston
  • EPDM and vinyl seals
  • High impact plastic base
  • Stainless steel spring
Product Specifications
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