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DEEP DRIP Watering Stakes

DEEP DRIP Watering Stakes

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If you've ever used DEEP DRIP® Tree Watering Stakes from Green King Inc, you know what a great product these are. The manufacturer has upgraded the DEEP DRIP® Stakes and we are bringing the new and improved items to you! The larger 14", 24" and 36" are now manufactured in the USA from 100% ABS plastic for durability. The 24" and 36" are molded from one solid piece. Green King Inc is dedicated to sustainability and conservation with their desire to "make every drop count".

Your plants, shrubs and trees will thrive! Using DEEP DRIP® Stakes promotes healthy root systems in new and established plants, trees or shrubs, while conserving water. The DEEP DRIP® Stake is designed to water directly in the deeper root zone which promotes healthier plants. Roots are known to follow their water source. DEEP DRIP® Stakes promote deeper roots because the roots follow the water that it released deeper into the ground. This can help prevent uprooted trees in strong winds. It also keeps your tree roots from coming to the surface and damaging structures/foundations and sidewalks.

DEEP DRIP® Stakes are constructed of eco-friendly ABS plastic. Life expectancy is 15+ years. The UV protected reinforced cap is designed to withstand hammering the stake into the ground.

DEEP DRIP® is the only device that gets water, oxygen and fertilizer to your tree and plant roots quickly and effectively. It is recommended to install two or more DEEP DRIP® Stakes around trees and shrubs and one per smaller perennial or potted plant.

Wondering what size to use?  

8" – Use for flowers, fruits, vegetables, and small plants.

14" – Perfect for plants with shallow roots, including potted plants, shrubs, vines and small trees.

24" – Work well on all medium to large tree varieties including fruit trees and palms, highly recommended for saplings.

36" - Use for large established trees and palms.

Benefits Include:  

  • Deep watering for healthy roots
  • Conserves up to 50% more water
  • Aerates roots and soil
  • Delivers fertilizer to root zone
  • Less weed growth
  • Reduces hillside erosion and run-off
  • Promotes deeper roots

The DEEP DRIP® Tree Watering Stakes are easy to use and virtually maintenance free. Place them into the ground and you are done. Deep Drip works with flood irrigation, hand watering with a garden hose or better yet, automatic drip systems.

If you are not finding the information you need or the information on this page is confusing, please let us know so we can help you (and others). Thank you.