Corona Curved Stainless Steel Grape Snip

Corona Curved Stainless Steel Grape Snip

Product Description

CORONA Tools - Curved Stainless Steel Grape Snip

Designed to be used when harvesting grapes, the Corona Curved Grape Snips feature stainless steel blades that won't rust or corrode. These blades are easy to clean and reduce germ buildup.


  • Designed primarily for harvesting table grapes
  • Heat treated stainless steel curved2 inch blades
  • To speed up harvesting production
  • For better durability and performance
  • Can be sterilized or disinfected to prevent cross contamination
  • ABS handles for lightweight comfort
  • Non-slip grips for better control
  • Double-sided thumb locks for left or right hand use
  • Beveled blades to improve force to cut
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