Corona ComfortGEL Weeder

Corona ComfortGEL Weeder

Product Description


The ComfortGEL line of tools from Corona, combines Comfort, plus Control and Performance. Easier weeding with 6-inch serrated blade and forked tip, Stainless steel alloy heads are durable and will not rust, Ergonomic poly grips minimize hand stress, Anti-slip thumb rises and finger guards for greater stability and control, Corona has applied the lessons learned from many seasons of field experience to create a series of gardening tools especially designed for your use. Their lightweight, one-piece structures will not bend, break or rust. Their larger diameter, contoured and cushioned grips are comfortable for our hands.



  • Most comfortable grip in the garden
  • Stainless steel head
  • Built-in fulcrum for easy weeding
  • Fork-tipped blade
  • Root cutter
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