Connecto Tubing Adapters

Connecto Tubing Adapters

Product Description

IrritecUSA is proud to announce a revolutionary break through in riser technology. Connect fittings and Speed Risers perform the same function as traditional flexible PVC risers but are quicker to install, more durable yet offer the ultimate in protection for your underground pipes. Speed Riser and Connecto fittings utilize Irritec Connecto® technology, an industry standard for high pressure water systems, adapted for use in Agricultural applications where flexible PVC material is used. 

Please note: Connecto fittings will only work with Speed Risers.  They do not fit any other tubing. You can find the Speed Risers listed under the 'Accessories' tab on this page.


  • 40% faster and easier to install
  • Can withstand static pressure in above ground applications.
  • Reduced Friction Loss - Less friction per foot than 1/2" or 3/4" flexible PVC riser. 
  • Works in conjunction with bondable saddles, glue in tees, grommet barb adapters and many other useful combinations of parts. (Versatile) 
  • Easy to take apart if necessary

Recommended Usage - In every situation for open field, orchard, vineyard or greenhouse.

Perma-Loc Size Acceptable Inside Tubing Diameter Acceptable Wall Thickness
3/8 inch .510 to .580 inches .035 to .055 inches
1/2 inch .590 to .630 inches .025 to .050 inches
3/4 inch 0.790 to 0.845 inches 0.045 to 0.065 inches
1 inch 1.025 to 1.085 inches 0.045 to 0.065 inches
Product Accessories
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