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Aqualine 0-200 PSI Pressure Gauge

Aqualine 0-200 PSI Pressure Gauge

Product Description

FHT Pressure Gauge, 0 - 200 PSI

Use this female hose thread connection pressure gauge to measure your system pressure at the hose bibb or any hose thread connection. Rated up to 200 PSI available in liquid (glycerin) filled or dry models.

Both liquid (glycerin) filled and dry gauges are very dependable, however in damp conditions, dry gauges may be susceptible to moisture or condensation building inside the gauge that over time may cause corrosion. Liquid filled are exempt from this condition as the non-aqueous liquid protects the components. Although, if being installed in a permanent application, it is best installed in an upright orientation as it has an atmospheric vent to adjust to changes in atmospheric conditions allowing for more accurate readings.

 Features Dry Liquid
 Dial Size 2" 2.5"
 Scale Single scale PSI Single scale PSI
 Case Black Steel Stainless Steel
 Wetted Parts Copper Alloy Copper Alloy
 Bezel Black Steel Stainless Steel
 Lens Glass Polycarbonate 
 Socket & Connection Copper Alloy  Copper Alloy
 Movement Copper Alloy Copper Alloy
 Bourdon Tube Brass Brass
 Dial & Needle Aluminum Finish Aluminum Finish
  • Dry - Pressure testing of residential and commercial piping systems; Utility water test gauge with horizontal housing
  • Liquid - Fluid medium that will not clog connection port; pneumatic systems, compressors, compressed air systems; high vibration applications  
Product Specifications
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