ALGOplus Flowering Plant

ALGOplus Flowering Plant

Product Description

Algoflash Flowering Plant with magnesium and micro -nutrients.  Your flowers will never be more beautiful than with our special Flowering Plant formula. This formula promotes more prolific growth for your flowering plants with just the nutrients they need to produce larger - healthier - more plentiful blooms especially in hanging baskets.

What is ALGOplus?

Algoplus is a natural liquid fertilizer, 100% completely soluble in water. Algoplus is a 100% mineral based balanced fertilizer designed to deliver the 12 essential nutrients and trace elements that plants need to boost growth, flowers, and fruit. It is non-burning and can be used every time you water. AlgoPlus is also non-toxic, environmentally friendly and very economical to use.

Since Algoplus hit the market in the early 90's, it has become one of the best known natural fertilizers in the trade. ALGOplus uses only top quality, naturally occurring ingredients to make all of the nutrients your plant requires to grow bigger, better plants available in one easy to use fertilizer. Our natural fertilizers have the most accessible balanced nutrients for your plants available on the market.  

Whether you have a vegetable, flower, hydroponic garden, or just want to maintain a beautiful lawn, we make fertilizing your plants with naturally occurring nutrients simple! Algoplus supplies a variety of natural liquid and granular fertilizers and accessories to meet all your plants needs. Great for hydroponic systems also!

How does Algoplus work?

  • Algoplus products are tested for purity, completely balanced, easily absorbed, and simple to use.
  • Algoplus works by encouraging rapid cell growth using the optimal ratio of 3 major elements, along with macro- and micro-nutrients with a 100% mineral base. 
  • Algoplus contains no chlorides, no carbonates, and no sodium to ensure optimum root absorption with absolutely no root burn. 
  • AlgoPlus products are safe for your plants and the environment.

Is Algoplus easy to use?

  • No complicated mixing formulas, for drenching, Just one capful to a gallon of water, what could be easier?
  • For Foliar application, just add ½ capful to a gallon of water and spray directly onto the foliage
  • A One liter bottle formulates approximately 118 gallons.
  • This means easier gardening and bigger, better yields.

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