Adjustable Dripper on 5\" Stake

Adjustable Dripper on 5" Stake

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This product comes in 180 degree & 360 degree spray patterns

This high quality adjustable dripper has a barb inlet mounted on a spike (5 inches from tip to top) that allows for the insertion of 1/4" micro tubing to the spike. The riser allows you to mount the adjustable dripper a few inches above ground.

Adjustable drippers allow the option of changing the flow rate of water to each individual plant. It is as simple as twisting the dial on the dripper toward the "+" or the "-" signs to decrease or increase flow rate. Adjustable drippers are ideal for balancing systems that have a few water-hungry plants on the same line as plants that require less water.  

Note: Adjustable drippers use a lot of water.  It is very easy to overtax a system when using many adjustable drippers that are operating fully open.   

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