Adjustable Dripper

Adjustable Dripper

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Spray PatternFitting TypeFlow RateUse with:
180 1/4" Barb0 -10 GPHDrip Irrigation Tubing 
3601/4" Barb0 - 10 GPHDrip Irrigation Tubing 
18010/32 Threads0 - 10 GPHPVC & Risers
36010/32 Threads0 - 10 GPHPVC & Risers

Adjustable drippers allow the option of changing the flow rate of water to each individual plant. It is as simple as twisting the dial on the dripper toward the "+" or the "-" signs to decrease or increase the flow rate. Adjustable drippers are ideal for balancing systems that have a few water-hungry plants on the same line as plants that require less water.  

Note:  Adjustable drippers use a lot of water.  It is very easy to overtax a system when using many adjustable drippers that are operating fully open.   

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