360 Degree Down Fan Spray Jet w/ 36\" Flex Poly Riser Lead, 1/4\" Barbed Adapter and Stake

360 Degree Down Fan Spray Jet w/ 36" Flex Poly Riser Lead, 1/4" Barbed Adapter and Stake

Product Description

360° Down Fan Spray Jet w/ 36" Flexible Poly Lead, 1/4" Barbed Adapter and Wire Stake. Includes the ability to manually shut-off, at the unit, when no longer needed. 


  • Operating range from 20 to 40 PSI
  • Gentle 360° downward spray
  • Narrow cone angle of 90°\
  • 20 inch diameter coverage
  • Built in shut off feature
  • Quick thread for fast installation
  • Uses 0.150” ID x 0.220” OD tubing
  • Constructed with UV stabilized material

Approximate Flow Rate at Recommended Operating Pressures:

Nozzle20 PSI30 PSI40 PSICoverage Diameter
Black 0.032"7.2 GPH8.7 GPH10.1 GPH20 inches
Brown 0.035"8.3 GPH10.2 GPH11.6 GPH20 inches
Blue 0.039"10.4 GPH12.8 GPH14.6 GPH20 inches

Please Note: Coverage diameter varies depending on mounting height of spray head. 

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