2 Way Dripper Manifold Assembly w/Drip Arrow Sticks

2 Way Dripper Manifold Assembly w/Drip Arrow Sticks

Product Description

These 2 Way Dripper Manifold Assemblies, often called "spider assemblies", are great in greenhouse and nursery applications. Each assembly comes standard with 5” angle drip arrow sticks. The Spider Assembly slips over the outlet side of the PC button dripper to turn one dripper into two.  For optimal performance it is best to keep the elevation difference from lateral water source line to pot as low as possible. Durable micro-tubing glossy exterior is easy to keep clean, highly flexible but resists stretching. Works well in pulse irrigation and hydroponics applications.

Please Note: Button Dripper is not included. Optimal performance is achieved with higher flow drippers such as 2 GPH. Keeping drip tube elevated above pots for complete draining after system shutdown will reduce clogging in the manifold micro-tubing from algae or debris.

Product Accessories
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