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Term Definition
10/32 Threads Commonly used to screw into a rigid piece of poly tubing. (called a rigid riser)
Barb Inserted inside irrigation tubing
Compression Applied on the outside of poly tubing
FHT Female Hose Threads[2]
FHTS Female Hose Threads Swivel[1][2]
FPT Female Pipe Threads[3]
FPTS Female Pipe Threads Swivel[1][3]
Layflat Used specifically for layflat compatible tubing.
MHT Male Hose Threads[2]
MPT Male Pipe Threads.[3]
Perma-Loc Drip Depot reusable fittings for irrigation poly tubing and irrigation tape.
Slip Slip fittings are found on PVC fittings
Socket PVC socket fitting
  1. A swivel is the type of fitting found on an ordinary garden hose.

  2. These are the same threads you will find on an ordinary garden hose.

  3. Pipe threads are also known as NPT (National Pipe Threads). When denoting connection type of female or male the "N" can be dropped. Examples: FPT = Female Pipe Threads (can also be called FNPT). MPT = Male Pipe Threads (can also be called MNPT).