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Pressure Loss Calculator
Flow Rate In GPH:
Tubing Size:
Tubing Length in Feet:
Pressure Loss in PSI:
This "calculator" is provided for comparison purposes only, and the resulting pressure drop can be dramatically different in actual field conditions.


This calculator will help you estimate pressure loss is your system. This will help you determine how long,large your system can be.


The flow rate in this form is actually the actual water flowing through the system rather than the maximum flow capacity as determined by our flow rate calculator. To determine your actual flow rate, either add up the flow rate of all emitters on the zone or use a flow rate measuring device at the start of the zone. Once you have the actual flow rate of your system you can enter that value into the box. Then choose your tubing size and length and hit calculate.

This calculator is intended to give you a general idea of what your pressure loss is at various flow rates. Calculating exact pressure loss in homogeneous systems such as residential drip irrigation is usually not necessary or practical.