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Customize our Premium Drip Irrigation Kit for Raised Bed Gardening

Image Item # Description Options Qty
1705 Senninger 3/4" Hose Thread Pressure Regulator

1848 6" Micro Tube Stabilizer Stake
2048 Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Coupling Valve

2050 Polyethylene Tubing

2016 Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Tee

2030 Barb Tubing Elbow

2028 Barb Tubing Coupling

2029 Barb Tubing Tee

2012 Tubing Clamp with Nail

2033 Goof Plug

2012 Tubing Clamp with Nail

2017 Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing End Cap

2018 Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing x Female Hose Thread Swivel (FHTS) Adapter

2015 Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Coupling

2037 1/4" Polyethylene Dripline

2037 1/4" Polyethylene Dripline

2014 Irritec Perma-Loc Tubing Elbow

1981 Hendrickson Bros J10 Hose Vacuum Breaker
4585 Irritec iDrop Button Dripper

2050 Polyethylene Tubing

1772 Pro Punch - 1/4" Hole
1935 3/4" Hose Thread Filter


You can use any of our drip irrigation kits as a starting point for building your own. This form will allow you to build your own kit using our

Premium Drip Irrigation Kit for Raised Bed Gardening

as a template. You can freely modify the quantities in this form to achieve your desired configuration. Once you have everything the way you want it, click "Add all items to cart" to load all items into your shopping cart. From there, you can add or remove items from within your shopping cart as usual.

Not sure if building your own kit is right for you? Here are the benefits and limitations of building your own kit...

  1. Complete flexibility: You can mix-and-match item quantities to achieve any configuration you want.
  1. Completeness and compatibility. It's your responsibility to ensure that you get all the parts needed to make your system work and that all those parts are compatible with each other.