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Want the perfect kit? 

Watch the short video to learn how easy it is to customize one of our drip irrigation kits.  We recognized that not all irrigation projects are the same.  Thus, there was a real need for the online shopper to be able to easily and quickly customize any of our drip irrigation kits.  If you find yourself needing to customize a kit, then the video below will walk you through the process step by step. 

Need help selecting the right drip irrigation kit? 

Checkout our Drip Irrigation Kit Selection Guides.  Each guide is packed with helpful tips that ensure you select the right kit for your watering needs.  Taking the time to look over the appropriate guide before you purchase a drip kit will help to cut down the learning curve associated with drip irrigation and make sure you get a drip system that you love.

Drip irrigation kits are an easy way to get started with your drip irrigation project. Drip Depot irrigation kits come complete with everything you need to get going quickly. With a drip irrigation kit you can automate the watering of your plants, landscaping or garden. If you are new to drip irrigation then you may find that a kit is a good place to start. Our drip irrigation kits take the guesswork out of your project by ensuring that everything you get is compatible and designed to work together correctly. It's also easy to add onto your new drip kit by simply viewing the items that are included in the drip irrigation kit and then adding more. So, if you are looking for an easy way to get started on your project, then consider starting with a Drip Depot drip irrigation kit. You'll get all the benefits of using drip irrigation such as water conservation and convenience as well as the peace of mind that you are getting the right products for your needs.

You can browse our selection of drip irrigation kits to find the one that is just right for you. On each page you will find a detailed description of what is included in the kit. You can click on each item and it will take you to a more detailed description of that item. You can then find out what that particular items does and how to use it and whether or not you need to add more of that item to your kit.

Sometimes you'll see drip irrigation kits referred to as "drip watering kits", "drip watering kit", "irrigation drip kit", "micro drip kit" or other such terms. Not to worry, they all mean the same thing. If your goal is to save water, time and money by using drip irrigation technology then you are on the right track.