What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip Irrigation is an extremely efficient way to water gardens, landscapes, trees, raised beds, containers and all other areas where plants are located.  Watch our short video (1 min 31 sec) for an overview of:

  • What Drip Irrigation is
  • Why Drip is Superior to Sprinklers
  • How it Reduces Weeds
  • How Drip Irrigation Increases Crop Yields
  • How Much it Could Save You

Want to Learn More?

Visit our Do-it-Yourself Drip Irrigation Education Center.  There you will find all the resources needed to design, order and install your own drip irrigation system.  

Ready to Shop for a System?

A great way to start with drip irrigation is by ordering a kit.  Each of our kits are complete, meaning you don't have to worry about forgetting a critical component on your initial order.  All of our kits are expandable.  You can start with a small kit to learn the drip irrigation basics hands on, then once mastered, add to the original system as needed.  Click to shop our full line of Drip Irrigation Kits.