I hit my mainline tubing with the lawn mower; can I repair it?

If your mainline tubing is damaged, all you have to do is cut out the bad section. To connect the two good pieces, use a Perma-Loc hose coupler and push the two clean ends over the barbs, screw the nuts forward and your system is as good as new.

My drippers are spraying and not dripping; what should I do?

If you experience this, the first question we would ask is if you have a pressure regulator. If you don't have a pressure regulator, then your water pressure may be too high. If you have a pressure regulator, then the next step would be to place your finger over the hole where the water comes out of the dripper and block the flow of water for a few seconds. This helps to reset the dripper. If you still experience this problem, check to see if the head of the dripper is screwed all the way down (only applicable for cleanable drippers).

Why is my backflow preventer and/or pressure regulator and/or filter leaking?

The first thing to do is check the O-ring in each of these parts. Each part has to have an O-ring that is seated all the way down. Check to see if you have an O-ring in these parts. Each part we sell comes with an O-ring. However, it could have fallen out during the packing process or may have fallen out during the shipping process. If you do not have one, check your box as it might be in there. If you still don't have one, please contact us and we will get one right out to you. Remember to hand tighten these parts. If you over tighten, it can cause cracks that cause leaking as well. Lastly, if you notice leaking after the system is turned off, this is normal. It is a way of relieving the pressure buildup.

Why are my drippers not dripping?

If you are using pressure compensating drippers, it may be that your pressure is too low. PC drippers are designed to open at a set pressure (roughly 5 PSI). If this is not achieved, the drippers will not open. The best remedy is to install a pressure regulator. For those not using a pressure regulator and trying to regulate flow rate by slightly turning on your faucet, you will need to open the faucet more.