Introducing the ECO1 Ambient Light (Solar) Powered Irrigation Timer

Drip Depot is proud to offer the worlds first sustainable low maintenance, easy-to-install irrigation timer thatdoes not use electrical wires or batteries. Its patented ambient light technology is so advanced that it doesnt need direct sunlight. In fact, it can generate enough power from moonlight as well as dim, ambient light to stay charged and continue working both day and night in any weather condition. In addition, the ECO1 Timer employs SimpleSmart technology which automatically adjusts irrigation schedules as seasons change to help eliminate over and under watering, ensuring a healthy landscape while saving you time, money and water.

  • Uses Renewable Energy:
  • No batteries to change or replace
  • No wires
  • No direct sunlight required


  • Up to 5 start times per day with run times from 1 minute to 6 hours
  • Instant manual watering with a touch of a button
  • Suspend and Rain Delay functions with automatic restart
  • Set seasonal, monthly and daily irrigation restrictions
  • 12 month budgeting from 0 to 200%


  • Saves water
  • Rain Sensor compatible for improved water savings (rain sensor not included)
  • SimpleSmart technology uses regional climate programming to automatically adjust for seasonal changes

The ECO1 Timer is manufactured by the DIG Corporation, founded in 1981, which provides a comprehensive line of quality low volume irrigation products. The ECO1 Timer is the latest in their line of controllers powered by ambient light, which is much more sensitive than solar powered controllers.