How do I decide what kit to choose?

We have created kits based on different applications (i.e. trees, landscapes, row crops); choose the one that best describes your needs. When choosing the kit size, think about how many feet of mainline tubing you need (for running from your hose bib to your plants) and the total number of plants you need to water. With these things in mind, you should be able to choose a kit that best fits your needs. If not, don't hesitate to ask us for a recommendation.

How do I choose the right pressure regulator?

We recommend 25 psi regulators for all of our systems (except for drip tape) as our parts are designed to work optimally at 25 psi. Since drip tape is very thin-walled, we recommend a 15 psi pressure regulator to prolong the life of your tape.

Do I need a backflow preventer?

We strongly recommend a backflow preventer as it blocks contaminated water flowing back into your drinking water. Many municipalities require the use of a backflow preventer in drip irrigation systems now. So you may want to check with your municipality before installing your drip system.

Do I need a filter?

We highly recommend the inclusion of a filter in your drip irrigation system. Even clean water sources still have debris in them, which can result in clogging. A filter is a wise investment in keeping your drip system functioning properly. If you are using a dirty water source like a pond, a filter is a must as your emitters are sure to clog. Tip: Clean your filter regularly.

I have some 1/2" tubing; is it compatible with the tubing and fittings you sell?

The problem with the drip irrigation industry is that there are no standards between manufacturers. Meaning that many manufacturers produce 1/2" tubing; however, the outside diameters (OD) and inside diameters (ID) are different, which results in incompatibility. The 1/2" tubing and fittings that Drip Depot sells are designed to work with an O.D. of .700 and an I.D. of .600. We do offer some universal 1/2" fittings that fit 1/2" tubing within the range of .600 to .710 O.D.

How do I start using drip irrigation?

If this is your first time using drip irrigation, we recommend starting by drawing a layout of the area you want to install a drip irrigation system. When drawing your layout, the key points to focus on are: how far is your water source from your plants, the path that you want to lay the mainline tubing down, how many plants need to watered, and the water requirements of the plants that are to be watered using drip irrigation. Answering these questions will help you create the perfect system for your needs.

Do I need a pressure regulator?

The answer is yes. Our drip irrigation systems are designed to run under low pressure. If you have too much pressure, you will experience leaking and actually have emitters and fittings blow off your line.