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Denise Freese

DripDepot.com has a new home

Medford, OR 2007-09-01 DripDepot.com, Americas number one choice for residential drip irrigation solutions has successfully completed its move from California to Oregon.

Drip Depot is a drip irrigation web retailer specializing in drip irrigation systems, drip kits and supplies for both gardens and greenhouses. In addition to their full line of drip irrigation supplies, Drip Depot offers free drip irrigation videos and tutorials on how to set up a drip irrigation system in your garden.

Marty Tennison and Denise Freese, co-founders of www.DripDepot.com are both thrilled with the with new space. Marty Tennison, co-founder and Technical director of DripDepot.com stated, The much needed expansion of space will allow us to actively pursue new ventures that we have been unable to in the past due to space constraints Denise Freese, co-founder and Marketing/Sales director of DripDepot.com stated There are many new and exciting ventures in the works and we look forward to announcing them in the very near future.

Drip Depot was founded on the firm belief that today's consumers of products and services are demanding a new level of professionalism from online retailers. www.DripDepot.com takes full responsibility for customer satisfaction through the entire order process, from order, to shipping, to personally answering all customer service requests. Drip Depot is committed to setting new standards in the online retail market.