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Customer Spotlight: Sam R.

JUNE 18, 2014

Drip Depot is proud to present Sam’s garden. As you may already know, Sam was one of our 2013 Drip Depot Garden Photo Contest winners and he has agreed to an interview with us where he shares his thoughts on drip irrigation and maybe even some gardening tips along the way.

Drip Depot: Hi Sam, what gardening projects do you have going on right now and how has drip irrigation helped you face any gardening challenges that you may have had?

Sam: I went with an elevated and container garden because of my wife; she has fibromyalgia and it’s easier for her to work with them. So besides the containers on the patio, we have 4 large flower beds (7x30, 7x40, “2”, and 7x20). I knew it would be easier to water them all using a drip irrigation system. It saves water and being on a timer, I know exactly how much and when to water. I have 4 fruit trees also with a drip system and a variety of bushes and shrubs throughout the flower beds. 

Drip Depot:  When did you first learn about drip irrigation and its usefulness in creating a lush, healthy garden?

Sam: In the late 60’s my older brother worked for a landscape company and he was sent to a class to learn about drip irrigation. The company landscaped an apartment complex and put in a drip irrigation system. I was hired part time to assist my brother at the complex; I watched and learned about drip irrigation but didn’t really use it in my own garden until recently.

Drip Depot: Did you find it easy to locate educational information on drip irrigation and where did you look?

Sam:   When I first started Googling drip irrigation, I found your website and it had a lot of really useful information that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I found educational videos and step-by-step procedures for designing and building my own drip irrigation system at home.

Drip Depot:  How long have you been using drip irrigation and how has it helped your garden?

Sam:  I have used drip irrigation in my own garden for about 3 years now and it has enabled my plants to grow stronger and healthier in less time than ever before.

Drip Depot: Thank you Sam for taking the time to talk with us today and share your insight into drip irrigation systems and how they can help gardeners everywhere enjoy a more lush and fruitful garden. 

If anyone else has a project and would like to share their personal experience with drip irrigation we would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us today and share your story.

Drip Irrigation Expert Mike

Written by Mike Ricker | Mike Ricker is always looking for ways to make drip irrigation easier for everyone.  If you found this article useful or have a great tip please pass it on to Mike at: